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Forestall us for those who’ve heard this one sooner than — a time-traveling TikTok-er has simply returned from the longer term, claiming to have visited Earth in 2027 and to have witnessed the extinction of our species.

Just a little of a departure from the standard mind-boggling existence hacks, faddish dances, and viral traits and demanding situations that TikTok customers are acquainted with, eh? At any fee, the newest TikTok ridiculousness unearths TikTok-er @unicosobreniniente, who’s often referred to as Javier, explaining in common video updates to his 1.3 million fans what he skilled by way of leaping forward in time six years. By way of textual content captions connected to his clips, he explains that humanity is extinct and that he’s gotten used to being by way of himself. “Nowadays is 13 February 2027,” one in every of his video captions explains, “and I’m by myself within the town.”

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“Humanity has been extinct,” he continues. “There is not any one in buying groceries centres.”



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Let’s pause right here for a second to indicate one thing out, although. Initially, disgrace on him for peddling this nonsense in the course of an international pandemic, with all folks determined to position the general public well being disaster of the previous 12 months in any case at the back of us. 2d, this can have been one thing just a little extra engrossing, however there’s proof aplenty that the man mainly grew to become at the digicam and mentioned whoopee, have a look at me, I traveled to the future.

It boggles the intellect, for instance, that he claims to have time-traveled to the longer term, to some degree when humanity has ceased to exist, and but … there’s functioning electrical energy. And the Web works, for that topic, as a result of he’s claiming to ship TikToks again to his fans within the provide day. However the greatest giveaway that he didn’t even attempt to show some creativity and feature just a little of amusing right here isn’t the truth that automobiles and structures are nonetheless visual and appear to be new-ish.

It’s that you’ll be able to see social distancing signage in probably the most TikToks. K, ok. Possibly some puts are going to go away the social distancing signage from the coronavirus generation round just a little longer — like, six years longer. Or possibly COVID assists in keeping rearing its head on and off for the following a number of years. Through which case … crap. That’s now not out of doors the world of chance. Let’s stay going.

One in every of Javier’s fans requested him to movie an empty clinic sooner or later, which he proceeds to do. Some other of his TikTok fans commented on one in every of his movies from the longer term (the longer term that Javier completely didn’t consult with): “No longer conceivable, if he’s posting then he’s in our provide time. That and ads and indicators would glance other … and garments in shops lol.”

A few of Javier’s different fans additionally very astutely famous tell-tale indicators that one thing was once amiss, like footprints within the sand in addition to boats transferring within the sea, to call only a few oddities. As a result of there are such a lot of extra. As a result of this man completely didn’t consult with the longer term. However good day, what else is TikTok for, if now not for other folks to make ridiculous movies for our enjoyment, proper?

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